PMQ Prizes

PMQ stands for Prize Mathematics Quiz, and is usually abbreviated to Prize Maths Quiz or Prize Math Quiz. The competition takes place every Friday with details of the prizes announced with the quiz question.

The aim of is to develop the mathematical thinking skills of students so that they may be successful in mathematics competitions worldwide. In support of this ambition, we hope that the Friday PMQs will prove challenging to most students. The prizes on offer for each competition will also benefit students in their mathematical studies.

Below are the details of the competition. Please read them carefully.

PMQ Announcements

The Prize Maths Quiz takes place every Friday using GMT as our official time. To make the competition fair to everyone in the world, every PMQ question will be posted at a random time. However, to stop people checking for the question all day long, we shall announce the time the question is posted during Thursday. It is therefore useful to check these Announcements by either coming to the Gifted Mathematics website or by subscribing to our free email service or RSS news feed.

Eligibility: Who Can Enter?

Anybody can enter a Friday Prize Maths Quiz; students and adults. The actual prize remains the same whatever the age of the participant. Prizes may vary from one PMQ to the next so please read the details for each individual quiz.

Because Gifted Mathematics is a new website, our initial prizes are free student places in our Online Classroom. However, because a winner may not be a student we shall issue the winners an e-Voucher which they can then send to a student of their choice. Please read further details below.

How to Enter

Every PMQ will have a section entitled “How to Enter”. You will find it below the actual question. We currently accept entries by email only and every PMQ has a dedicated email address. This email address will be removed after the competition closes to avoid spam. All emails and email addresses sent to us will be deleted after the winners have been processed. We will not use such emails for marketing purposes. The reason for this is our adherence to COPPA guidelines for the online safety of children; more on COPPA below. If you wish to receive emails from us with news and website updates then please sign up to our free email subscription.

The Prize

The current prizes for our Prize Maths Quizzes are free student places in our Online Classroom for a fixed period of time. The very first correct solution will receive a prize plus some others randomly selected from all the other correct answers. Please read each individual PMQ for exactly how many prizes will be awarded for that week. The email time stamp shall determine the order of entries received. The algorithm used to select the random winners is weighted towards the quickest answers received, so get your own answer in quickly and then tell all your friends or colleagues. The winners will be notified by email and issued with an e-Voucher that can be used to gain a student place in our Online Classroom.

If you are a company or individual interested in sponsoring a PMQ please use the comment box below. All messages received on this page are pre-moderated so that private correspondence is never made public.

How Does the e-Voucher Work?

The winners are sent an e-Voucher by email. They can use it for themselves (if they are students) or send it to an interested student; it could be your own child, a child of a friend or a student you teach at school. Follow the instructions in the e-Voucher and send it back to us once you have decided who will take up their place in our Online Classroom. We then send back a form to be filled in by either a parent or teacher of the nominated student. This is in compliance with COPPA regulations so that we have the consent of an adult. Once we get that form back we will issue you with an access code to our classroom on Edmodo. The student can then create an account and is automatically added to our Online Classroom. Once the student has created an account, a parent can then also create a connected account on Edmodo to monitor the student's progress. This may sound complicated when written down but could all take no longer than a couple of hours or a couple of days, depending on time zones.

Please remember that our current target age group is between about 8 to 16 years old. Exceptional younger students will definitely be considered. Please also note that Gifted Mathematics is about learning mathematical techniques beyond what is found in most schools; it is not a revision centre for school exams. Also note that our students do not have to be labelled as gifted; in my experience, having the desire to perform well in maths competitions is a strong enough incentive for such students

And Finally...

Please notice that in all this process the only thing that we at Gifted Mathematics need is one valid adult contact email address. Again, this is for the security of the students and compliant with COPPA regulations.

Please also note that all other email address that enter our competition are deleted once the winners are announced and e-Vouchers distributed. We do not keep them for future mailings because it is impossible to tell whether an email address belongs to an adult or a child. This too is part of our commitment to COPPA and to creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment for students.

The first Gifted Mathematics Prize Maths Quiz was set on Friday 11 January 2013.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Enjoy the challenges!

Richard Mankiewicz

Updated: 23 January 2013


  1. dont find solutions PMQs except for first one. May I know where to find solutions?

  2. At the moment, there seems to be more discussions on our Google+ Community than in the comments below each maths quiz problem. If you are looking for an answer immediately, then I suggest you look there. The link is in the right-hand column.

    However, thanks for reminding me, I will catch up on publishing the answers and potential extensions on Gifted Mathematics.


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