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The materials on Gifted Mathematics are designed to help every student achieve the best possible grade in their chosen mathematics competition. However, there are times when you really need some specific help; times when it is much faster and easier to have someone to turn to. With this in mind, we have created a Gifted Mathematics Online Classroom.

The Online Classroom is the place to ask myself and fellow students for help with specific problems. It is also the place to find a fully integrated course designed to study those mathematical topics that frequently appear in competition papers but are rarely studied at school.

There are three Online Classrooms: Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary. The divisions are based largely on the requirements for the different levels of mathematics competitions rather than age. If you are particularly talented at mathematics, you may well feel comfortable joining a higher level class.

Pre-Launch Phase: January to March 2013

The Gifted Mathematics website has only recently started. We feel it offers a very unique learning environment with a strong focus on mastering mathematical thinking skills. However, every website needs a testing phase to iron out any administrative or logistical problems that come with online interactivity.

We are therefore offering free places on our Gifted Mathematics Online Classrooms to the winners of our Friday Prize Maths Quiz. One question for each of the three levels will be posted at a random time on Fridays. We make it random to be fair to people living in different time zones.

We shall post details about how to sign up and pricings once we are sure the platform works perfectly.

Any comments and suggestions, please leave a message below.


  1. When will the Online Learning Component be launched? I have an interested 12 year old. Thanks!

  2. Hi, the online class is already working. To join one needs to win one of the Prize Maths Quiz competitions. As we currently receive few correct replies, there is a very good chance of winning a place!


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