15 May 2013

Free Mathematics Mini Practice Paper for Middle Secondary (MS2013B)

One of the stated aims of this Gifted Mathematics website is to publish practice papers modelled on mathematics competitions throughout the world. I am pleased to announce that the second such paper has now been published.

This new paper is called a Mini Practice Paper as it is about half the length of a full paper. One advantage of this is that it can be used within a whole classroom period without having to edit it down. However, it has the same proportion of easier and harder questions so should be challenging for most students.

This paper is aimed at what we call Middle Secondary, so is roughly equivalent to the American AMC10 papers and the UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenges. It is therefore suitable for students in about the age range of 14 to 16 years old, but younger gifted mathematicians should find plenty to enjoy too!

The Mini Practice Papers are free and will be stored on Dropbox for now. You can join Dropbox here for free. Once you join Dropbox you can synch your account with our Gifted Mathematics Free Resources and you will automatically receive new files as they are published, plus updates to any existing files that have been edited but have not changed their filename.

Today’s paper can be viewed and downloaded for free here:

Mini Practice paper - Middle Secondary - MS2013B (corrected version 18 May 13)

The answers and guided solutions will be released in a few days.

Also, a reminder of other papers published so far:

Mini Practice Paper – Lower Secondary – LS2013A

Mini Practice Paper - Lower Secondary - LS2013A - Answers.

Similar papers for Upper Secondary and Primary are coming soon!

Please feel free to leave any feedback below in the Comments box.

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