17 Jan 2013

Prize Maths Quiz (PMQ) Announcement for Friday 18 January

This week's Prize Maths Quiz (PMQ) will be posted on Friday 18 January at 09:15 GMT.

Solutions will be accepted by email until 23:59 GMT Sunday. Please use the clock on the right-hand column to check the official competition time.

From the experience of the first competition PMQ1, I am slightly changing the rules. Adults and older students can now participate and submit solutions. However, the prizes remain the same: some free places in our Gifted Mathematics Online Classroom for students aged 16 and under. The winners shall be contacted by email and given the prizes as e-vouchers. If they are not young enough themselves to take advantage of our tutorial system, they can give the e-voucher to their child or favourite student. Full details will be given at the foot of the PMQ question on Friday.

Once we receive back the e-voucher, we shall send out a form to be filled in by either a parent or teacher, depending on how the student received the prize, in compliance with COPPA regulations on children's anonymity online. Once we receive the completed form we shall send back an access code to the teaching environment which is run on Edmodo. Once a student has created an account, parents can also create their linked account so that they can supervise and follow the progress of their child. All these systems are in effect to protect children from disclosing personal information. All we at Gifted Mathematics need for the whole process to work is one adult contact email address.

Please also note that all emails received as entries to these Prize Maths Quizzes are deleted once the specific competition email is deactivated and no email addresses are kept. If you wish to receive email updates from us then please sign up using the form on the right. Part of COPPA regulations is that we delete all email addresses as we do not know whether they are from children or adults. We are happy to comply with this in the interest of promoting a safe learning environment.

See you on Friday!

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