7 Jan 2013

The First Friday Prize Maths Question Announcement

Although just a few days old, I'm kicking off the new year with our first Prize Maths Question (or PMQ). Every week a PMQ will be posted on Friday. Please read the general details on our PMQ page.

To make it fair to everyone in the world, the competition question will be posted at a different time every week. To make it even fairer, (and less annoying not having to come to check all the time) I shall announce the exact time a day or two before.

So here it is... a little early as it's the first time:

This week's GiftedMathematics.com Prize Maths Question will be posted on Friday 11 January at 08:42 GMT.

See you then!

Oh, and not forgetting, general mathematics questions will be posted on Mondays and Wednesday. Tutorial materials will be published as and when they are ready.

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