7 Mar 2013

Prize Maths Quiz PMQ9: Announcement for Friday 8 March

Friday is almost upon us again and so is our Prize Maths Quiz; we're up to PMQ9 now.

The question will be posted on Friday 8 March at 02:11 GMT; this means it will still be Thursday evening or afternoon in the Americas. This week I am extending the competition to MONDAY at 23:59 GMT to see if some people prefer to do this on a Monday rather than the weekend.

I hope everyone has noticed that weekday questions Monday to Thursday are now colour-coded and graded from Upper Primary to Upper Secondary. In reality, age is little guide to how good a student is at such maths competitions, but I hope it helps teachers who give added assistance to those students keen on such challenges. The grading uses a mixture of AMC and UKMT competitions as guides.

See you Friday!

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