20 Feb 2013

Gifted Mathematics: New Schedule and More Questions

This is a brief announcement about some changes to the way questions will be posted on Gifted Mathematics. This website has been up just under two months and I am pleased with the general growth in readers and users, and in my meeting many new people online.

I initially resisted putting too much emphasis on grading the questions; after all, a gifted 10 year-old may well be able to do questions aimed at 16 year-olds. I also quickly realised that there is a large community of adults who enjoy maths games and puzzles. Indeed, some of the extensions to questions require some sophisticated techniques to solve, and it has been personally rewarding to find online collaborators willing to explore these mazes. But I also know that a large cohort of students will discover these questions through their teacher, and such teachers need to know that the questions used are at an appropriate level.

Therefore, from the 1st March 2013, Gifted Mathematics shall publish questions using the following schedule:

Monday: Math-e-Monday (random amusing maths puzzles)
Tuesday: Upper Primary
Wednesday: Lower Secondary (about AMC 8 and UKMT Junior MC level)
Thursday: Middle Secondary (about AMC 10 and UKMT Intermediate MC level)
Friday: Prize Maths Quiz, for Upper Secondary (about AMC 12 and UKMT Senior MC level)

The Prize Maths Quiz will remain free for anyone to participate. I will most likely have the question in two parts so that as many students as possible can take part.

Answers to various questions will usually be found within the comments section, either on this website or on the social web. I will only publish formal solutions to the PMQs and any other questions that inspire some interesting extensions.

I am also writing some Practice Test Papers at the various levels. These will be published soon and the Mini Practice Papers will be available for free download.

To keep up to date with mathematics questions for your particular age group, it may be a good idea to sign up to our RSS feed or email subscription found in the right-hand column. If there is substantial growth in the number of subscribers I will consider splitting the RSS feed into age groups.

Any suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

Best Wishes


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