19 Feb 2013

Prize Maths Quiz: Winners of PMQ6!

PMQ6, the Tricky Tower, has been our most popular quiz question so far, a least in terms of traffic to the page. However, there was only one correct answer submitted.

Congratulations go to:

J.Y. (from the UK)

I will post the answer to the problem later this week, but there is a discussion on-going at our Mathematics Competitions Community on Google Plus. Unlike the standard Tower of Hanoi, colouring the discs creates some limitations in the possible moves. It also destroys the simple formulas that are associated with the standard puzzle.

This could form the basis for an interesting project. Start with a 2-colour Tower of Hanoi, with alternating colours, and see whether you can find a pattern such that you can calculate the number of moves needed to solve a 100-disc tower!

More on this coming soon...

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