28 Feb 2013

Prize Maths Quiz (PMQ8): Announcement and Feedback Request

The next Prize Maths Quiz (PMQ8) will be posted on Friday 1 March at 02:02 GMT.

The competition will close, as usual, on the Sunday at 23:59 GMT. Please use our official GMT clock on the right-hand column.

See you Friday!

Oh yes, feedback! I have had a small amount of feedback regarding the timings of these PMQs. There has been a suggestion that I should include more weekdays and not have it as a 'weekender' quiz. The reasoning here is that many people go away for the weekend and seem to be in a more analytical frame of mind during weedays. However, it strikes me that few people seem to turn off their electronic gadgets and that Gifted Mathematics does have a mobile version - I even have a QR Code in the right-hand column now.

So, please let me know if you have any strong feelings either way. Comments box is below this article. I could extend it a day, into either Monday or Thursday, or leave it as it is.



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